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Tree top camping is a very unique experience and is the perfect relaxing get away, why not join us one weekend to sleep in a tree boat way up in the trees as the sound of nature sings you to sleep!

Tree top camping involves the use of tree boats which are four cornered hammocks suspended very safely up in the tree, tree boats are especially designed for tree climbers so are very safe and comfortable. The climber is tied in at all times by rope and harness.

The tree top camping experience starts at 3pm one day until 11am the next. We kick off with a normal introductory climb with one on one instruction followed by dinner next to the tree, after which you will ascend the tree to take your place in your tree boat where you’ll move into what Genevieve Summers calls tree time.

The next morning you can enjoy breakfast in the trees followed by more time to tree climb, before you leave. See prices page for more details.

Below is a clip from a German TV programme about when they came tree camping.






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